Optimal Business Support

Discover marketing and business support so small fish can shine the brightest

Are you a small business looking to optimise your marketing? Perhaps you’d like some objective ideas for working smarter? With your topnotch products and talked about service, it’s critical your marketing and internal processes do your business justice. So instead of leaving results to chance, contact Optimum Business Support today. You’ll quickly discover how outsourced marketing and business consultancy will improve efficiency and make your target customers take notice.

Free up your time….

When running a successful business you’ve got a million things to do. And with so many priorities you may lack the time needed to nail your marketing or hone your working practices. What’s more it may not even be your specialism. So instead of making do, let Optimum Business Support review and advise. You get to focus on your other priorities and we’ll provide optimum support to deliver the results you want.

So although you may be a small fish, pretty soon you’ll be making a big splash.

What’s more because Optimum Business Support is cost-effective, fast and flexible, you’ll soon discover why outsourcing your marketing and business consultancy makes optimum sense.

Here’s a flavour of what’s possible:

Marketing consultancy:

  • Audit and monitoring to flush out ineffective activity
  • Social media management and integration
  • Keyword optimised websites that hook customers
  • Slick on-line advertising and email campaigns
  • Or the full works – the creation and management of a fully integrated cross-channel marketing strategy
Business consultancyOptimum bid management
  • Review and improvement of your sales process

With a background in marketing, bid management and sales I have the consulting experience and expertise to add value to your marketing and business strategy.

I’ve worked in multi-national corporations as well as small organisations and crucially I’m people focused. You’ll find me helpful, friendly and approachable. What’s more I’ll talk language you understand then deliver practical, cost-effective marketing and business support.

In addition I work with a team of handpicked specialists including web designers, copywriters and blogging experts. They share my strong work ethic so pieced together, Optimum Business Support becomes your outsourced support team.

In fact we’re perfectly placed to help you create the comprehensive marketing strategy and sharp internal processes you need to out swim your competition.

So why use Optimum Business Support?

Here are five more reasons why hiring Optimum Business Support is a smart choice

  1. Uncover those hidden opportunities – Successful marketing and effective support processes depend on a deep understanding of your business and customers. To get there we’ll ask probing questions, peel away the layers and expose the crucial details. It’s the way to hit on those marketing and efficiency opportunities that make the big splash.
  2. Achieve results fast – As a lean small business you’re keen to get new ideas working quickly. Just like you we’re flexible and focused. We work quickly but diligently and provide business support in a timescale that helps you gain momentum.
  3. Benefit from quality work – No doubt you expect your own staff to be conscientious. We’re obsessive about detail and have an eye for spotting opportunities.
  4. Affordable prices and flexible fees – You want to make money, not invest in outsourced services that challenge you financially. Optimum Business Support’s services are tailored for small businesses like yours. So whether it’s a monthly retainer, or a one-off fee, you’ll discover quality marketing and business support that’s affordable.
  5. Finally we love what we do – And have you noticed people who love their profession get better results?

Think we could work together? Then contact us today to arrange a FREE consultation. You’ll get a quote and we’ll chat through some ideas to get started. Best of all there’s no obligation.

Whether you’re looking to drive sales with your on-line activity, go viral with social media or completely overhaul your existing marketing strategy, you’ll discover a hardworking solution from diligent people who love getting results.

Our Optimum Package offers a reliable, results focused service to completely outsource your marketing. It’s available on a retainer basis and includes:

  • An audit of your existing marketing activity to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not
  • A detailed proposal containing bespoke advice alongside suggestions for new opportunities
  • Design, implementation and monitoring of your chosen marketing strategies
  • Ongoing management of all your marketing strands

And if you’re looking for something more specific check out the range of Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing services. Whether you choose a fully outsourced solution or an ad hoc marketing job, you can be confident Optimum Business Support will deliver.