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About to Launch….

The world of Social Media…

Social media?

What’s all the hype? Well:

  • It adds to SEO rankings
  • Gets your name out there
  • Allows you to connect with your audience and
  • Is supposed to help you grow your business

OK so let me at them. All of them… Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Google+ and on and on …..

Stop. Think about it. Just because an “expert” says you must be on all platforms doesn’t mean you have to. That’s because not everything is right for every business. And remember you are not just a builder in a postcode. You are competing against builders all over the country. That means you must do what is right for you, your business and most importantly your target audience.

But know this. Social media networking is here to stay. It has become a proven way to reach, engage and cultivate relationships with your customers, stakeholders and audiences. So whenever you choose to take social media on, you have to know how it can help and hurt you. You need to understand it’s effect on your brand reputation and how it is going to impact your bottom line. You have to know how you want to use social media and who you want to reach with it.

In short, you have to have a plan.

Four pointers to keep in mind when 

using Social Media              

1.  Know what you want to achieve
2.  Choose the right social media channel for you
3.  Be prepared to invest time and money
4.  Measure, adjust, measure, adjust …


The key to a successful social media campaign is threefold:

1. Have a clear engagement plan:

Each platform will require a different level of engagement. Engagement means pushing out content, sharing information and having a 2-way conversation regarding relevant industry related topics. Be patient. Gathering new followers, subscribers and building awareness will take some time.

2. Have a clear content strategy:

Once you agree which platforms you will use, content for each is key! This is a toughie… but easily overcome if you know how!

3. Measure, monitor and adjust

  • Monitor what your platforms are saying about you
  • Monitor your website traffic. Consider a search engine optimization strategy and a keyword search exercise. Your audiences will find you faster and traffic to your site (including your social media networking accounts) will grow
  • Set some benchmarks. Get a reading on traffic and growth before you begin using social media networks, and then measure your progress on a regular basis
  • Measure changes in lead generation and sales
  • There are free monitoring tools you can use, but consider professional support. Once you have it, you won’t want to live without it
  • Then adjust to optimise your performance

Unless you have mechanisms in place, you can’t know for certain whether your efforts are succeeding or failing. Nor can you gauge how to change your tactics if they are not delivering the results you need to see.

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