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A Guide to Choosing a Web Development Company in Salisbury

  • What is a web developer?

A web developer is technically literate and savvy in the dark art of internet ‘mechanics’.  You know, the stuff we don’t understand; programming, data bases, Java scripts and many more mystical, jargonised spells necessary to produce the foundations for a great website.

The web developer is a programmer by trade and not necessarily a stereotypical nerd!

Once the web developer has created a bespoke foundation for your site the web designer can step in to add all the sublime, eye-catching, slap on the back, finishing touches.

In the spirit of fair play, and decency, I have to add that not all web designers are egotistical headline grabbers. In truth some can actually double up with a skill set that includes web development; in all honesty though, that does border on egotistical.

  • Important things you need to know about a web developer

Here are my top tips for locating a proficient web developer in Salisbury;

  1. Are they part of a ‘local’ company that offers the whole package, from web design and marketing to ongoing back up?
  2. Are the ‘developers’ adequately experienced and qualified?
  3. Do they understand the importance of database technology, client-side languages, server-side languages and database technologies? (Hey, let’s be honest, school boy stuff).
  4. There is no number 4.
  5. Have they a portfolio of successes? And happy contented customers?
  6. Can the developer readily communicate with the site’s web designer? This is important, the designer will have a plan that can only come to fruition with the help of the developer’s expertise. Cooperation and collaboration between these experts is essential for the development of an effective website.

To put it succinctly, the web designer has a vision and only the web developer can make that vision a reality.

  • Where can I find a good website designer and developer in Salisbury?

For reasons previously explained, always choose a company that offers an in houses bespoke web design and development package. The easiest and obvious place to look is, of course, online.

Before making any commitment check out the company’s credentials.

First off, is their website impressive? Does it have immediate impact, is it clearly laid out, easy to navigate and informative? If not then … well, need I say more?

Check out their testimonials; a sure indicator of excellence.

Find their helpline and ask questions, ask for links to sites they have developed; at the same time you’ll get a feel for the company’s helpfulness, expertise and professionalism.

Does the website profile members of staff; listing their experience, qualifications and field of expertise?

Finally, and importantly, explain your requirements and ask for advice before signing on the dotted line!

  • In conclusion

Finding a web developer in Salisbury is really not that difficult; there is one stand-out company that has all the in-house expertise backed up with a wealth of experience … check out the Blue Bee website.

Get in touch with Blue Bee now, you’ll get free helpful advice and service that’s second to none!

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