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A Guide to Hiring a B2B Telemarketing Company in Surrey

B2B telemarketing remains a key marketing tool that many companies utilise to great effect. Many sales campaigns can be significantly enhanced through the use of B2B telemarketing to help generate leads and appointments, and a common procedure is to outsource to a third-party telemarketing firm.

Hiring a B2B telemarketing company in Surrey is therefore a worthwhile endeavour for businesses small and large looking to take advantage to one of the most effective marketing tools used today.

However, knowing what type of B2B telemarketing company in Surrey is best for your business can be a rather daunting process, especially for anyone unfamiliar with this aspect of marketing. Here’s a simple guide to help make hiring a B2B telemarketing in Surrey that bit easier:


It’s one of the more obvious things to consider but an important one nonetheless. There are many B2B telemarketing companies based in Surrey, so by researching reputations you can help narrow down candidates.

Remember, you want an honest and reliable company that will not have a negative impact on your business, making reputation all the more important. Look for companies that belong to reputable industry certifications like the Customer Contact Association, as it means they are held to the high standards and practices set forth by a professional body in the industry.

Agent Experience

Agents making the calls are one of the most vital components of a telemarketing company, so you will want to establish how experienced the team of callers are with any prospective companies.

Inexperienced callers are part and parcel of the industry, but experience is so important for generating leads and appointments in B2B that you will want to ensure the company has agents that are experienced enough to get the results you require.

Be sure to enquire about the experience levels of the agents working at any B2B telemarketing company in Surrey you are considering hiring.

Company Experience

While having qualified and experienced agents making calls is one thing, the overall experience of the telemarketing company is a whole other question. There’s no point in hiring a company that doesn’t have much experience in your relative field, otherwise they may struggle to sell your goods or services!

Ask for case studies, testimonies or data that shows the company has all of the relative experience you require. Also, avoid any B2B telemarking company in Surrey that cannot provide you with anything like this – they won’t be worth your time!

How They Report

Any good telemarketing company should offer extensive reports covering the various aspects of the campaign. In most cases, detailed daily reporting offers the best information regarding the progress of the campaign.

You will want a company that can provide reports on calls made, outcomes, and other important information that gives you a clear idea of how the campaign is advancing. Better still, a company that offers both daily and weekly reports will ensure you have even more detailed data about how well the campaign proceeding.

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