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Hiring a Metal Pressing Company

What is Metal Pressing?

Metal pressing, commonly known as metal stamping, is the manufacturing process of pressing metal sheets or coils to produce a desired shape. While different types of processes are used to create different products, most metal pressing involves the use of pressing machines and stamping dies to shape flat sheets of metal into shapes.

Both deep and shallow press tools are used during the process depending on how thick the metal material being shaped is, with shallow pressing being used to shape the thicker metals while deep pressing is utlisied when working on thinner sheets of metal.

Stamping dies are not able to be used as universally as pressing machines, namely due to the different melting points of all the different metals.

Types of Pressing Machines

As a massive range of products are manufactured from metal pressing, there is also various types of pressing machines that produce components of varying size, shape, and thickness.

Machines offer different levels of force, varying from anywhere between 10 to 400+ tonnes of force, making certain types of machines more suitable for certain pressing processes. The press machines are combined with a specific die to create any desired 3-dimensional component, with the press forcing the sheet metal into the die to produce a shape

Additionally, there’s a range of press tools that can be used with these machines for different operations. For instance, most metal pressing machines are hydraulic or mechanical, but can be fitted with blanking, piercing, coining or bending tools to produce various types of components.

What Products are Made from Metal Pressing?

There is an incredible range of products that are produced through metal pressing, although the process is typically used to create bespoke pressings and stampings. These metal components can be made in virtually any shape, size, and thickness, with various types of pressing machinery and techniques capable of creating a huge range of bespoke products

One of the biggest advantages of using metal pressing to create metal components is the high level of accuracy on replica products. A large percentage of metal pressing is used for mass production of components used in various industries, so the need for high volumes of precise components is important, making metal pressing a vital process for countless markets and industries.

For example, it is almost a guarantee that an item in your home is made from metal pressing. From your kitchen appliances to any vehicle you use, metal pressing is used to make various household products, while also being used for large-scale manufacturing, construction, engineering etc.

This is all down to the fact that so many presses and dies can be utilised in metal pressing, allowing for such a wide range of products to be created for countless applications.

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