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Is Hosting a Webinar the Right Marketing Tactic for Your Business?

If you subscribe to a few company mailing lists, it seems that hardly a day goes by that you don’t receive an invite to attend a webinar.  From solopreneurs to small businesses, right through to big name brands, everyone is into video at the moment for its marketing potential and webinars take it a step further.  But could hosting a webinar be the right marketing tactic for your business?

Give value to attendees

If we are honest, we all love to get something for nothing, even if that something is knowledge or information.  Webinars tap into that urge to get a good freebie and offer tremendous value to those who attend.  But how does this benefit the business?  It benefits the business because it helps build trust in the brand, allows potential customers to see it in a positive light.  And sometimes the value that is provided can even help move those attendees along a sales funnel towards becoming customers.

Sales without selling

Another benefit of webinars is that you can sell to people without actually selling – you can discuss the benefits of your product or service in the context of the value you are providing them without hitting the hard ‘buy it now’ type sales.  The idea of the webinar is to solve a problem for your audience and to lead them into using what you offer as part of that solution – but not the only part.

Break down time zones

If your potential customer lives in another time zone to you, webinars can be a great way to reach them regardless.  By timing it to broadcast at a time of day when your potential customers can attend, you can make it easier for them to engage.  And most businesses will now send out a copy of the webinar to people who can’t make it so you still get the benefits of it even if the person can’t arrive live.

Cost effective

Webinars are a lot more cost effective than hosting an event in real life.  All you need is the equipment to record the audio and visual, a platform on which to broadcast and an email provider to send out invites and a recording if you plan to do this.  Many of these features are low cost and some are free.  This makes hosting a webinar a cost-effective marketing tactic.

It keeps working for you

Another advantage of a webinar is that it isn’t a one time thing.  Sure, you might see a boost in signups to your mailing list when you first announce it.  And you might gain leads or customers from the event.  But afterwards, you can upload the webinar to your social media page or YouTube channel.  This means that it continues to generate views and potential leads for as long as you leave it up.

The modern trend in webinars allows them to be relatively relaxed, friendly and personable so there’s no big production element to them.  This means even the smallest business can have a go and easily start to enjoy the benefits that webinars bring.

David Elliot is the founder off Instant Print. They provide businesses with marketing both through traditional and online avenues.

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