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Are online Accountants the future of accountancy?

Have you either thought why the word ‘accountants’ strikes fear and other negative thoughts into the minds of most people? Businessmen in particular dread having to deal with accountants. They feel they’re costing them money, maybe even boring, and they’re certainly not something people look forward to dealing with.

However, suppose everything you ever imagined about accounts is wrong? Suppose there’s a better way, that actually makes accountancy a pleasure?

Well, the good news, is there is – and it’s called using an online accountancy.

Here’s 3 reasons why online accountants could be the answer for your business:


If you’re wondering why choose an online accountant, perhaps the first thing you’d like to know is it’s cheaper. Most traditional accountants work on a fixed-price setup for the work they anticipate for you to do. Meetings, accounts, filing tax returns etc. – all the same price for everyone.

This approach is flawed for a reasons, not least because you’re perhaps overpaying for the work the accountants actually do. See, accountants allow for the worst case (where they need to do more work compiling, reporting etc.) then add their profit, and then charge the same to everyone.

So if you’re a small or micro business, you could be paying the same accountancy fees as business ten or twenty times bigger – is that fair?

Online accountants offer a price based on a bespoke package based on YOUR needs, saving you money.


Traditional accountants need your time – and attendance  – at times. Meetings and visits to their offices, or even your time collecting and submitting documents.

Online accountants eliminate the need for travel and face to face meetings, as most activities can be done online these days. Documents can be submitted by email or through the cloud, and if there must be a call or conference, it can always be done online.

Online accountants therefore save you time – which is money after all – and allow you more free time to focus more on your business.


How many accountants do you know who you actually think are fun and enjoy spending time with? Perhaps not many, hey? Well with online accountants, there’s no need to be bored or drudge along to an office, no need to make small talk, or pretend that you’re enjoying a meeting with them.

With online accountants, there’s no need to do ‘face to face’ business any more – which is distracting at the best of times.  There’s no need to build a relationship or rapport, just keep it strictly business and process your accountancy needs and tasks.

Conclusion – using an online accountant is good for business

As a small or micro business owner or entrepreneur, you don’t have enough time. So why waste it visiting accountants, when there ’s a much simpler, cheaper and less hassle way – online accountants?

Why not contact an online accountant today, and see what they can do for your business? Only pay for the services you need, and even spread the cost of your accountancy fees over the year – what’s not to like?


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