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Why use a Virtual Office in Birmingham?

Birmingham is the second largest city in England and the whole of the United Kingdom. It is located in a region known as the West Midlands, which became important during the industrial revolution and has since been recognized as the city of a thousand businesses or a factory of the world.

Birmingham has one of the largest economies in the United Kingdom. Although the city grew in importance as a manufacturing and engineering center, today its economy is dominated by the services sector. Birmingham is one the largest centers for employment in various careers that are common and is also the third largest center in terms of jobs in banking, finance and insurance outside of London.

Two of the largest banks in Britain were founded in Birmingham: the Lloyds Bank (now Lloyds Banking Group), created in 1765 and the Midland Bank (now HSBC Bank), founded in 1836. In 2010, Birmingham was the third best place in the UK to establish a business and the 18th best in Europe. Birmingham is the third commercial city of the United Kingdom.

The manufacturing sector in Birmingham has a lower employment rate than the average for Great Britain as a whole. There are several industrial plants that remain important, no matter how little influence the city puts in this sector.

We can get to Birmingham directly as the region has an international airport that is one of the most important in the UK, has flights arriving and going to all corners of the world and is only 12 km from the city center; which leads us to buses, trains or taxis, both to the city of Birmingham and to the cities of London and Glasgow. A car rental service is also available at the airport. As in most European airports many low cost airlines also operate here. If our flight is from the continent we must consider the time change (- 1 hour) and an approximate flight time of 2 hours depending on our boarding airport (Paris-Birmingham 1h20′).

But we can also travel to England by air to other islands airports, by land or sea and from where we land to travel to this thriving city.

Welcome to Birmingham, a dynamic city frequented by people from different countries, cultures and customs, with an exciting culture.

Birmingham with its fascinating and intense history, an exceptional culture recognized worldwide, a wonderful place of events and exhibitions radiates an energy that can be spread.

The attractions and the infrastructure offered by this city to the tourist are excellent: the docks, the canals, the squares and the pedestrian streets are worthy of our trip as much as its monuments, its buildings or its museums.

The height of the hills to worship the panoramic view, its surroundings are also magnificent, with its picturesque villages and its always green countryside. They say that Birmingham is the gateway to the heart of England.

All these aspects are the ones that reveal the reason why Birmingham is a potential locality to establish a company, business or company, this city has an excessive prestige to be one of the most important cities of the United Kingdom. It has important universities that are involved in the financial and administrative part, which obviously makes the city more capable for growth. This city would give an impressive prestige to any company that establishes itself in it.

So why have a Virtual Office in Birmingham? In the earlier aspects of this city mention the economic importance of it. Birmingham’s economy is based on the financial or administrative part; the city is perfect for the growth of a company that is just emerging. For one that is already established and formed, they can gain greater prestige, not only the economic part is important. Birmingham also has several places that can be visited, and the best landscapes for when you want to relax. With all the positive aspects of this city, who would not want to establish a Virtual Office in Birmingham?

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